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Build your brand and success with Prospects.

Our White Label Partner Program offers marketing agencies and affiliate marketers the chance to generate income through your own branded version of our platform.
Our software under your brand

Become a Prospects white label partner

Partnering with Prospects can help agencies that provide prospecting and sales services amplify their impact and enhance their offerings.
Increase Your Revenue

Add a new source of recurring revenue by becoming a partner and receiving exclusive rights to resell Prospects.

Manage Your Accounts
Add sub-accounts to your Prospects plan for easy connection to your client’s CRM, managing credits, and managing users.
Increase Brand Visibility

Generate a new stream of income by promoting Prospects under your own branded SaaS solution.

Reasons to become a White Label Partner

White Label Partners benefit from exclusive perks

Our White Label Partner program provides you with a ready-to-use SaaS product, complete with an onboarding and support team tailored to your brand. Stand out from the crowd with our cutting-edge lead generation software sold under your name. Your dedicated Prospects account manager will work with you to ensure your product stays ahead of the competition, by developing new features.

White label hosting, maintenance and support

Prospects White Label Partners offer a hassle-free, 100% plug-and-play solution. Our hosting, maintenance, and white label support services make it easy for even small teams or single-person businesses to provide a fully serviced SaaS product to their clients, freeing them up to focus solely on selling.

Profitable and scalable right out of the box

Our white label program offers an efficient and cost-effective way to get started with a cloud-based SaaS lead generation tool like Prospects. It enables you to start profiting from your first sale and scale as you grow, without having to invest years into recovering your initial investment.

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