Agency Partners

Help your clients achieve success with Prospects.

Partner with us and give your clients access to our comprehensive B2B database and comprehensive sales solution.
Empower your clients with Prospects

Become a Prospects agency partner

Partnering with Prospects can help agencies that provide prospecting and sales services amplify their impact and enhance their offerings.
Increase Your Revenue

Add a new source of recurring revenue by becoming a partner and receiving exclusive rights to resell Prospects.

Manage Your Accounts
Add sub-accounts to your Prospects plan for easy connection to your client’s CRM, managing credits, and managing users.
Increase Brand Visibility
Gain recognition and trust by participating in co-marketing activities and resources as a Prospects partner.
Reasons to become an Agency Parnter

Agency Partners benefit from exclusive perks

Agency partners have the unique opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits for both themselves and your clients. By entering into a partnership with Prospects, you’re able to access various resources to help you grow your business and provide your clients with the highest level of service.

Get access to the tools you need to succeed

Our dedicated partner and account managers will ensure a smooth experience for both you and your clients with Prospects. Our team will also provide customer support and resources to help you succeed.

Maintain your clients' Prospects accounts with ease

Prospects’ comprehensive sales system has assisted millions of customers find their targeted prospects and generate more sales.

Partners can manage sub-accounts for customers within one main account within Prospects.

Ready to partner with Prospects?

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