Pipieline Management

Convert leads into potential opportunities within Prospects.

Turn new leads into pipeline opportunities directly within Prospects or natively connect your CRM to seamlessly move lead data and get deals closed.

Our Pipeline Management features

Multiple pipeline management options

Manage your prospects easily and effectively with Prospects’ internal, customizable Pipeline or by connecting your CRM with direct two-way sync. Prospects can help move leads from cold to closed quickly and efficiently.

Lightweight built-in pipeline CRM

Maximize visibility to your most active prospects through multiple touchpoints across multiple channels. Utilize hyper-personalized automation to initiate conversations. 

Seamlessly transform new leads into potential opportunities within Prospects or connect to your CRM natively to move lead data and close deals.

Easily integrates with your favorite CRM tools

Prospects.so easily integrates with Pipeline.so, HubSpot, or Pipedrive. And if you like using Zapier, Integromat or another webhook, you can connect and push prospect data wherever you see fit. 

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