Personalized Videos

Much higher conversion rates with personalized videos.

Boost your prospects’ response rate by including personalized videos into your outreach campaigns.
Personalize Your Messaging

Meaningful connections through video

Prospects brings a pioneering automated video system to your outreach, creating powerful processes to ensure greater success with video communications.

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Our Personalized Videos features

Automated and scalable

Video outreach provides a dynamic way to strengthen your connection with potential customers. By creating custom videos, you can stand out from other text-based messaging and have a greater impact on your intended audience.

Higher conversion rates

Explainer videos can be a powerful tool to clearly communicate your value proposition to prospects and help secure their interest. Companies that utilized video content in their outreach saw a 20% higher conversion rate within the first 30 days compared to those without.

Utilize hybrid profile enhancement

Include your lead’s LinkedIn profile to stand out and enhance the impact of your message.

Generate hybrid videos with a combination of screen recordings and a pop-out selfie bubble to convey your product’s value and keep a personal touch. According to 58% of Sales Reps, hybrid video content yields the highest response rate compared to screen-only and selfie-style video content.

Generate more responses

Video content has been shown to be more impactful than text alone, with open rates increasing by 16% and response rates by 26%. It’s an effective way to grab your prospects’ attention.
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